Periods are always a nuisance but for athletes periods are utterly despicable. We can’t change the fact that periods are a normal way of life but we can change the way we take care of ourselves during our time of the month. Continue reading for some helpful advice on how to best thrive as an athlete during their period.


Tips to remain pain free/ comfortable:

  • Try to stick to a consistent sleep schedule

  • Take warm showers and take advantage of heating pads

  • Track your periods to be best prepared ( use apps like: clue period tracker, fertility friend ff app)

  • Find out what product makes you most comfortable on your period: some people prefer using pads while others may prefer to use tampons in an active environment, experiment with products and figure out what you prefer.

  • Be kind to your body remember that your body works to protect you

  • Change your menstrual products consistently


Period Red flags:

If you experience any of these symptoms please take time to talk with your primary care taker or a gynecologist

  • If you lose your period due to excessive exercise, it can lead to bone thinning over time and possibly osteoporosis with age, can cause cardiovascular risks later in life due to lack of estrogen.

  • Extremely heavy periods: periods lasting longer than 8 days, have to change menstrual products more than every 2 hours.

  • Extremely painful cramps that prevent you from daily activities: some discomfort is normal but to this extent is dangerous.


Foods to eat while on period:

  • Eat foods with plenty of protein. Some examples include: fish, almond butter, beans, and chickpeas.

  • Foods with fiber help eliminate some of the bloating during periods. Some ideas include: apples, sweet potatoes, and whole grains.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of fluids to prevent lightheadedness, fatigue, and help boost brain activity.



Having a period as an athlete can be dreadful but you will be prepared for your next time of the month with these tips. Remember to take care of your bodies because they do so much for you!



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