Raina Patel

Raina is a sophomore at the Dover-Sherborn High School and is the director of resilientHer. She enjoys soccer, dance, and piano. Raina is looking to pursue a career in sports medicine/orthopedic surgery, and enjoys sharing her knowledge about tips on good exercises and how to stay healthy. She joined resilientHer because of her passion for sports and educating others about social justice and current events.

Content Director


Sophia is a sophomore at Carver Middle High School. She enjoys soccer, basketball, and especially javelin in track and field. Her favorite class is her engineering class, where she has received her inspiration for biomedical engineering! She has decided to join ResilientHer because she wants to share her opinion on mental health in sports.

Social Media Director

Caroline Ho

Caroline is the social media director for resilientHer, and a sophomore at Dover-Sherborn High School. In her free time, she plays the flute, swims, and spends time with her family. She is passionate about medicine, and has wanted to work in the medical field from a very young age. She joined resilientHer because she wants to educate others about sports and health, and to bring awareness to current events.

Website Director

Neha Raj

Content Creator

Peyton Khorey

My name is Peyton Khorey, and I joined resilientHer to write about topics that matter to me. Outside of writing, I enjoy creating art, listening to music, and volunteering.

Website Manager

Diane Stoehr

Diane is currently a sophomore studying in California. She loves the arts, 3D printing, technology, reading old literature, history, and travels a lot. She plays soccer, and loves to go racing. She joined resilientHer because she wants to help inspire young athletes, and make a positive impact on the world.