Want to improve as an athlete? Are you practicing but seeing little to no results in your performance? Try lifting weights. Lifting weights can benefit both your mental and physical health. Lifting weights helps athletes build a strong foundation.


How can lifting weights benefit me:

  • Helps build your muscular endurance and increase physical strength (light weights with high reps increase endurance while heavy weights with lower reps increases strength)

  • Decreases risk of injury (the more you lift, the less strain your sport will cause on your joints)

  • Improves self esteem (lifting causes your body to release endorphins)

  • Improves balance

  • Improves cognitive function (releases hormones that help you make connections in the brain)

Debunking myths about lifting:

  • “Lifting makes you bulky”: This popular myth is just that- a myth. Building mass while lifting requires a lot of effort. Women have an even harder time bulking because they have less testosterone than men.

  • “You have to lift heavy to see results”: The weight you use does not determine your end results. If you do more reps and lower weight you can see the same results as those who lift heavy.

  • “The more you, lift the better”: When you lift you break down muscles which rebuild stronger than before. Your body must rest in order to see results.

Tips for lifting:

  • Eat plenty of food everyday! If you skip meals you won’t see results, so make sure to include protein, carbs, and fiber in your meals

  • Include rest days!

  • Warm up before you lift: whether it be stretching, body weight exercises, etc

  • Form is more important than weight!

  • Remember to breathe while lifting!


Lifting is a great form of exercise that incorporates all parts of the body! Consider lifting next time you work out!



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