Being kind to your teammates has benefits that expand past just the emotional well-being of the whole team. Not only can it improve the dynamic, play, and chemistry between the team, but it can also help you gain knowledge about things other than sports. With team sports, when everything is going well with the team, it can place less stress on each teammate and assist with the improvement of your performance.

1. Good teammates are genuinely invested in the success of others.

2. Being a good teammate is about holding yourself accountable for YOUR actions

3. Kind teammates trust the preparation and work rate of the other players

4. Kindness creates strong bonds (chemistry) and allows you to rely on your teammates


5. The success of the team is put above yours, which helps the team’s play continue in an upward trend.

6. You can gain outside and important friendships

7. Having someone to support you after making friendships can leave a lasting impact

8. The whole style of play and quickness is incredible with good chemistry between the players
Being kind in general is an important trait to have, and it can leave a lasting impact. You want to make sure that your teammates remember you for who you are in the best way possible, and in order to succeed, kindness and compassion is necessary. According to Charles Glassman, “Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.”

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